Futako-tamagawa Show

Yesterday I played a show inside a mall in Tokyo called Takashimaya. Mall shows tend to be fun but yesterday was crazy. The mall was packed with people waiting to hear me play and they were super-enthusiastic. Normally mall concerts can lack a focused energy because of all the people walking by but yesterday felt like I was playing in a concert hall because of the extremely attentive audience. Thank you so much to everyone who came and listened to me yesterday. It was really awesome to meet so many new faces as well as many familiar faces.


Narashino Cinematic Concert

I played another cinematic concert this past Thursday in Chiba for a sold out crowd of about 1000 people. It is my 3rd time to do this show and I still get nervous in the beginning playing for that many people. Once I get into it and the audience laughs at my bad jokes then it's just pure enjoyment. The energy from that many people all enjoying my music is like nothing else. Fortunately the response from this show has gone very well and I will be doing these concerts all over Japan throughout 2014 and 2015 and hopefully beyond.
Many thanks to everyone who came out and also big thanks to my amazing band and Miyuki Hatakeyama!!

This hall was packed.


My First Concert in Korea

I played my first concert in Korea last night. It was definitely a very memorable show. I have always wanted to play my arrangements of movie music with the scenes from the movie being played in the background and I was finally able to do that last night. The crowd was really into the music and was very receptive to my humor and my very poor Korean skills. It was a lot of fun to talk and meet with people from the audience after the show. Everyone wanted to take a picture with me. I dedicated a traditional Korean song called "Ariran" to the victims of the ferry accident. 
It was a very memorable trip to Korea. I ate lots of spicy but tasty Korean food and made a bunch of new friends. Traveling can be tiring but getting a chance to be introduced to new culture and meet new interesting people makes it all worth while. I think I will be going back soon but I need to learn a few more Korean words. One guy even told me that my piano playing was great but I need to work on my Korean. I appreciate his honesty. 
This performance was part of the Jeonju International Film Festival
The amazing shot my brother Ben took blown up to a massive size.
Feeding frenzy after the show. Everyone was really nice! 
One of my new friends Hanz.
The local delicacy of Jeonju is called Kong Namul Kumpap. Bean sprout porridge. Sounds strange but was very delicious!
All the people that helped make the show a big success. I am very thankful to all of them!


Jacob's International Music School Grand Opening Concert

これからJacob's International Music Schoolの主催エベントをたくさんやって行きたいと思います。JIMSの一番優先事項は質の高いレッスンなのですが、ジャズやピアノの音楽を生で聴く機会が少ない子供たちに体験させて行きたいです。近い将来に色んなエベントをしようと思っているので、お楽しみにしてください。

Saturday night was the grand opening concert for my new school in Tokyo. Although the place wasn't packed full with bodies the energy from the people that came made it feel packed. It is a lot of fun for me to play shows with a wide mix of ages. I think when little children are exposed to jazz in the right environment they usually respond very well to it.
I hope this is the first of many sponsored events by Jacob's International Music School.
Although our primary focus is to offer quality music lessons in English it is another top priority of mine to expose children to live acoustic music.
Please stay tuned for more events coming up in the near future. 


Yusuke Shima Duo Tour

I will be playing 3 days in a row with Yusuke Shima. We will be playing tonight in Yokohama, tomorrow in Osaka and Sunday in Mishima. 


島裕介(tp,flh,fl), ジェイコブコラー(p) ,斉藤純一(g)
スペシャルゲスト 沖仁(フラメンコギター)
open 17:30
1st 19:00- / 2nd 21:00-
charge 3800円(入れ替えなし)

ご予約 045-226-1919 
島裕介(tp,flh,fl), ジェイコブコラー(p) 
ご予約mail⇒ spc@senri-pain.jp / Tel⇒06-6856-1371(千里ペインクリニック内)
2014年1月19日(日)静岡三島 常林寺島裕介アルバム「名曲を吹く」リリース記念ライブ
島裕介(tp,flh,fl), ジェイコブコラー(p) DUO
open 19:00 / start 19:30
Charge : adv.¥2000 / door.¥2500
三島市本町8-4 常林寺 白瀧観音堂ホール


Big 2014

 Happy new year!
This year is starting off great so far. I will be a guest on the NHK tv show elmundo on Sunday, January 12th and on January 31st I will be playing my biggest show ever at Kannai Hall in Yokohama! 
I also officially opened up my new music school in Tokyo called Jacob's International Music School. 
My show later this month will be with my quintet(piano, bass, drums, violin and cello) and I will be doing my arrangements of movie songs. There will be 2 shows. One at 2 in the afternoon and one at 6 in the evening. One of my favorite Japanese singers, Miyuki Hatakeyama, will also appear as a special guest at the show. Here are the details!

明けましておめでとうございます!今年のスタートはとても良い感じです。1月12日の21時からNHKのエルムンドというテレビ番組にゲストで出演することになりました。1月31日に関内ホールで今までに僕のの一番大きいライブをやることになりました。そして今月から蒲田にある僕の新しい音楽教室「Jacob's International Music School」を開きました。

ライブ in 関内
入場料 ¥5000(全席指定・税込)

Piano - Jacob Koller
Drums - Dennis Frehse
Bass - Patrick Glynn
Violin - maiko
Cello - 平山織絵
Guest Vocal - 畠山美由紀

電子ちけっとぴあ 0570-02-9999 (Pコード:214-267)


ローソンチケット 0570-084-003 (Lコード: 37080)
CNプレイガイド 0570-08-9999
関内ホール(チケット専用ダイヤル) 045-662-8411

MIN-ONインフォメーションセンター 03-3226-9999

My new grand piano at the new school! 
The ensemble room!


Art Cafe CD Release Party

Last Friday was my cd release party at a very nice cafe in Tokyo called Art Cafe. It was a packed house and it was great to see some new faces as well as some regulars at the show. I played basically all the songs on my new cd "Cinematic Piano 3" plus a few standards like "Libertango and " New Cinema Paradise." Playing a 2 hour concert solo is a lot of fun but also a lot of work. I was a little flat in the middle of the first set but by the second set I was really in a groove and was playing the same songs I usually play but at a higher level than normal. That's the absolute best feeling as a performer. I think I could have gone another 2 hours the way the crowd was getting into it. Thank you everyone who came for a very special show!
先週の金曜日に恵比寿にある「Art Cafe and Friends」という素敵なカフェでCDの発売記念ライブをやりました!ほぼ満席で僕のライブによくきてくれる人と初めての人がたくさんいて嬉しかったです。新しいCDに入っている曲の全曲といつも弾く「New Cinema Paradise」や「Libertango」のスタンダードナンバーもやりました。ソロで弾く2時間コンサートはとても楽しいのですが、大変です。ファーストステージの真ん中に思ったよりうまく行かなかった曲があったのですが、セコンドステージから雰囲気にのって、いつもよりうまく演奏しました。演奏家として最高の気分でした。お客さんの反応などのおかげで後2時間引き続けられた感じがしました。ライブに来てくれるお客さんの皆さんに本当に感謝しています。